Acid Alkali Test Papers, Reel, Litmus Blue, 7mm x 5m 1/pk

Acid Alkali Test Papers, Reel, Litmus Blue, 7mm x 5m 1/pk
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Reel, litmus blue, 7 mm × 5 m, pH indicators and test papers, acid-alkali, dispenser Reel, litmus blue, acid-alkali, dispenser. Instant pH readings. Accurate for a wide range of routine pH testing. Inexpensive. Convenient and portable for field use. GE Healthcare offers a range of pH indicator and test papers to meet specific needs. These high-quality products combine ease-of-use with unsurpassed accuracy and consistency. The convenience of using indicator papers for the rapid determination of pH values has led to many applications in laboratories and in industry. These easy-to-use test papers facilitate a general test for acid or alkaline reaction. The change occurs around pH 5 to 8. They are particularly recommended for educational use. Litmus Blue and Litmus Red
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